About PowderThrough

I started reloading at the beginning of 2016 and realized, there isn't a great place to get load data on the internet. I could always find what I was looking for eventually, but it was annoying having to go search for data and write it down on a scrap of paper.

Furthermore, I hated going to the local sporting goods store and having to look up what kind of loads would work for the few powders that they carried. Poking around on forum after forum on your phone while standing in the reloading section at Sportsman's gets old fast.

Being a web developer by trade, I decided to change that. Then, not only would I be able to reference loads that I have worked up and be able to sort through them quickly, but anyone else who stumbled upon my pet project could too.

Make an account and start adding to the Load Data Library. It's free, and always will be. If you really love it, consider donating. Running the site isn't free and any amount is greatly appreciated.

If you want to send me a personal message, feel free to do so at david@powderthrough.com

Happy reloading!